Gary Johnson on Meet The Press: “All This Talk About 3rd Parties? Well, I’m It”


Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a former two-term (Republican) governor of New Mexico, appeared on Meet the Press this morning, talking with host Chuck Todd about what he called a “unique combination” of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal that he alone brings to Election 2016.

That’s a simple, appealing message, especially in an election where the major-party candidates are disliked by large (and apparently growing) majorities of Americans. Johnson insisted that he was the “only skeptic at the table” when it came to recent overseas military interventions, that he would “sign off on any reduction in the federal government,” and that we “always come down on the side of choice” in everything. As important, Johnson’s spoke in the broad, big-vision strokes of a candidate while also being able to discuss specifics with ease. In today’s political climate, inspiring confidence and trust is as much as a question of how you speak as what you say.

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