Thoreau And Civil Disobedience

Healing our America

‘All machines have their friction,’ Thoreau admitted, but when injustice is too great, you should ‘let your life be a counter-friction to stop the machine.’

In March 1845, the United States acquired a new president – James K. Polk – a forceful, aggressive political outsider intent on strengthening his country and asserting its pre-eminence in front of other world powers, especially Mexico and Great Britain. Within a year of his inauguration, he had declared full-scale war on Mexico because of squabbles over the Texan border, and was soon rattling his saber at Britain over the ownership of Oregon. To complete the picture, Polk was a vigorous defender of slavery, who dismissed the arguments of abolitionists as naive and sentimental.

Polk was a popular president, admired by many for his gung-ho manner, but a sizeable minority of the citizenry disliked him intensely. One especially committed opponent was a writer from Massachusetts…

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LP congratulates Perry for opportunity to abolish Department of Energy


The Libertarian Party extends a hearty congratulations to Gov. Rick Perry for his announced nomination by President-elect Donald Trump to head the Department of Energy.

“Gov. Perry has a rare opportunity to head one of the agencies he pledged to abolish,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian Party. “Even though most Republican politicians have proven incapable – or insincere – when it comes to abolishing anything in government, I’m confident he really means it this time.”

During Perry’s 2012 run for the Republican nomination for president, he pledged to abolish the Departments of Energy, Commerce, and Education.

“No doubt he will be at least as successful as President Ronald Reagan and his Department of Education appointee, Bill Bennett, who promised to abolish that agency in 1980,” said Sarwark.

The Department of Education grew under Bennett’s leadership and has continued to grow, both in authority and dollars spent, ever since.

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Fox Valley Libertarians Support Tax Freeze Referendum


Fox Valley Libertarians are supporting  66th District State Rep. Elect Allen Skillicorn’s efforts to get a tax freeze referendum on the ballot April 2017.

We are collecting signatures for both McHenry and Kane Counties to give notice to governments that residents want to approve any future tax increases.

We need signatures! Even a petition sheet with just your signature or a couple of signatures will help!

The petition sheets for each county is linked to below. The FVLP has notaries available in Dundee, Carpentersville and Wonder Lake or you can take the form to your local bank for notarization.

The deadline for us to turn in signature petitions to Rep. Elect Skillicorn is 12/23.

Please contact us if you have any other questions and concerns…





June Meeting Agenda


Our next monthly meeting is Wednesday, June 29th at Diamond Jim’s Gas Grill (325 Meier Street, East Dundee 60118). Social hour begins at 7:00pm. Business meeting starts at 8:00pm.

East Dundee Village Trustee and FVLP member Allen Skillicorn will be explaining the intracacies involved with TIF districts. Elgin SWAN member and local community activist — and FVLP member — Andrew Cuming will be explaining how SSAs work. (TIF = Tax Increment Financing. SSA = Special Service Areas.) Both concepts devised by politicians are harmful to taxpayers, and can be to villages where they are passsed as well. Find out more at this informative meeting!


Who Do You Support For President?



Please take a few seconds to vote in the Fox Valley 2016 Presidential Preference Poll. Your opinion matters to us, regardless of your political affiliation.

If you choose “Other”, feel free to list your preferred candidate in the comments.

You can also tell us why you support your candidate in the comments.

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Libertarians March In Dundee Memorial Day Parade


A good time was had by all as we once again marched in the annual Dundee VFW Memorial Day Parade. A friendly crowd was exposed to our message of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Often we were met with cheers and bursts of applause…

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The Libertarian Party: So hot right now – The Washington Post

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Summer is here, and the season’s hottest trend is … Libertarians!

Largely ignored by the mainstream media for most of the presidential campaign, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson is suddenly racking up headlines in The Washington Post and New York Times and on CNN and NPR.

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Gary Johnson on Meet The Press: “All This Talk About 3rd Parties? Well, I’m It”


Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a former two-term (Republican) governor of New Mexico, appeared on Meet the Press this morning, talking with host Chuck Todd about what he called a “unique combination” of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal that he alone brings to Election 2016.

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